Anointing oil from Israel

What is Anointing oil?

One of the most important things to know about anointing oil is that there is no power in the oil itself, but that the power is bestowed by GOD, and its intent is for HIS plans and purposes. The oil is merely a natural substance that goes through a process of transformation into a Spiritual tool, using prayer to sanctify, consecrate, set it apart and make it holy unto GOD. The Bible teaches us that the SPIRIT steps in during the act of anointing with oil, establishing GOD’s objectives in a powerful way. Straight after Samuel anoints David as future king, 1 Samuel 16 verse 13 tells us that “…the SPIRIT of the LORD came mightily upon David from that day.” JESUS himself describes it as such in Luke 4 verse 18: “The SPIRIT of the LORD is upon ME, because HE has anointed ME to preach the gospel to the poor.” Healing in conjunction with the application of anointing oil was also a directive from JESUS to HIS disciples in Mark 6 and a Spiritual weapon handed down to members of the early churches.
Anointing as a sign of GOD’s blessing was a regular occurrence in Biblical times, and as believers today, we don’t need to limit ourselves in terms of when we may or should use anointing oil. When we apply anointing oil it is a symbolic representation of our faith and the blessing we have in JESUS through the SPIRIT.

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