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Say It With Flowers – Unforgettable Rose Gifts. Send roses today!

Everyone loves flowers, especially roses! So, if you can send beautiful, fresh, flowers, guaranteed to arrive the next day in all their wonderful, fresh-picked glory. As you know, nothing brightens someone’s day like receiving an unexpected rose bouqet, ready for the vase.
For days thereafter they will enjoy and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Whatever the occasion,flowers make the perfect gift – Weddings, Job Promotions, Funerals, Births, Anniverseries – the list goes on and on.

Send Flowers   Florist One has been delivering flowers across the United States and Canada since 1999.
After 20 years, our customers have trusted us with over 1 million orders.
We deliver flowers for all occasions but we specialize in funeral flowers and working with funeral homes.
The funeral industry has high expectations when it comes to flowers. We are proud to say that during our history, we have been trusted as the flower provider
to over 2,000 funeral homes, almost 10% of the funeral home market.

When sending to Canada prices are in Canadian dollars.
Did you know that the American dollar is currently worth more than 30% of the Canadian dollar?
This means Americans save over 30% when sending flowers to Canada.

What roses says about you!
You are the kind of woman that will bring the Prince Charming out in a man.
You are also the kind of friend who gets called first with news-big or small.
Despite your wide social circle and busy agenda, you have a secret need for alone time and you will sometimes even feel a little shy.

The Meaning of Roses
All roses symbolize love, but certain colors of roses can take on special meanings. Opinions vary on the many meanings of the colors, but here are some of the more common ones:
Red Roses – Love, Respect, Courage, Romantic
Yellow – Joy, Gladness, Freedom, Friendship
Pink/Peach – Appreciation, Admiration, Sympathy
White – Reverence, Purity, Innocence, Secrecy
Coral/Orange – Fascination, Enthusiasm, Desire
Lavender – Enchantment
A singel red Rose – shows love
Red and White Roses together – Unity
Red, Pink & White – Trinity
Two red Roses tied together – symbolizes an engagement

What other flowers says about you!

Iris: You tend to get bored quickly with day-to-day routines.
In order to maintain your great vitality and creativity, you need to follow your inspiration wherever it may lead.
You thrive and prosper in jobs and situations where you are your own boss.

Daisy: You notice things others miss. For example, the different shades of pink in the sky as the sun sets,
the hint of sadness behind someone’s smile-which means you are a natural at drinking in all life has to offer.

Lily: You are a nurturing person. In fact, people are drawn to you.
A few words from you can make people feel worlds better. It’s no wonder many say you would be a great therapist!
However, you shouldn’t feel like you have to ease everyone’s troubles; your caring alone accomplishes more than you realize.

Carnation: Tradition is very important to you. Your down-to-earth attitude and innate ability to keep confidences makes you one of the most loyal and trusted friends. As a result, you are always surrounded by loved ones who come to you for guidance.

Tulips: You thrive on change. You are always dreaming up some way to improve yours and your family’s lives.
But just as a tulip blooms in the same spot each year, deep down inside, you are often content with what you have.

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