Girl, Just Relax Set


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We know just what mom needs—a few moments of precious peace! Girl, Just Relax is a set of three incredibly soothing blends that help evoke mind and body relaxation whenever mom just wants to unwind and chill out. – – Meditate Mom: Here at Plant Therapy, we know that if there is anything mom needs, it’s more relaxation and less chaos! Let mom take a daily time out to relax, think clearly, and reflect upon her life with Meditate Mom. This soothing combination of herbs, flowers, and citrus come together to help bring mom the peaceful and clear mindset she deserves. – – Relax Mom: At the end of any given day, there is nothing better than getting to put your feet up and relax! Our Relax Mom blend was created to help take your mom’s relaxation to the next level by encouraging a calm, peaceful state of mind so she can feel more at ease. – – Be Tranquil Mom: Formulated especially to help achieve mental relaxation, Be Tranquil Mom will help bring about an overall sense of well-being, reduce worry, and support a feeling of ease. The soothing aroma in this beautiful blend is refreshing to the body and mind.


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