Holiday Sweets Essential Oil Blend Set


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Candy Cane: The traditional candy cane is brought to life in this wonderful holiday blend. The mix of – – Peppermint, Peru Balsam, and Spearmint perfectly creates that familiar, sweet, minty, amazing aroma. Bring the holiday mood indoors when – – diffused or add to your personal inhaler or diffuser necklace to take the sweet scent with you everywhere you go! – – – – Christmas Candy: Evoking the bright and sweet aroma of ribbon candy and other sweet treats, Christmas – – Candy is a wonderfully uplifting holiday blend. The combination of citrus, floral, and resinous essential oils creates a blend that – – helps boost the mood and stave off those unwanted feelings of winter doldrums. – – – – Frosted Mint: Bring the mood of a peppermint-candy scented sleigh ride in the snow with this crisp – – holiday blend. The crisp, fresh aroma of Fir Needle with the woody scent of Virginian Cedarwood and the sweet cooling sensation of – – Spearmint are a perfect combination to bring the Holiday season into your home and set a festive mood. Frosted Mint is – – sure to be a scene-setting blend for all of your favorite winter activities.


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