Worlds Thinnest Reading Glasses

The Worlds Thinnest Reading Glasses
The worlds thinest, lightest and most portable eyewear at ThinOptics
The eyewear solution that will travel with you and not add weight or bulk to your everyday life!
The idea of putting reading glasses onto the backs of all cell phones. Our concept is simple enough, since your smartphone is always with you, we set out to develop thin, comfortable reading glasses that fit on the back of your phone.
We combine the world’s thinnest reading glasses with insanely thin, ultra-durable cases for clear vision & convenience..
A slim, durable case that elegantly protects readers while fitting effortlessly on the back of a smartphone (or any hard, flat surface).
This amazing high-quality and affordable reading glasses are created from medical device materials, like the super-elastic memory-metal alloy used for heart stents, and incredibly slim, bulletproof-strong polycarbonate lenses..

Our reading glasses can be purchased in different strengths:
Low Range (+1.00)
Low-Mid Range (+1.50)
Mid Range (+2.00)
High Range (+2.50)
Connect products also have the +3.00 strength!

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ThinOptics Glasses & Fortify Phone Case-iP…

<p>Misplace your readers again? Try our Fortify case. It serves the dual purpose … [More]

Price: $39.95

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